Cruise: Day 11 – Ravenna

Cruise: Day 11 – Ravenna

A heavy mist shrouded the landscape as we approached the port, giving it a mysterious atmosphere. I had seen a small flock of birds land on the grass deck and went to investigate. I became very excited when I realised they were black redstarts. I tried to get a close-up photo of them but they didn’t sit still for long enough.

After breakfast, Tore and Heidi decided to hire bikes and set of for the day. The rest of us decided we would have a look at the town. Torolf and I left Bo and Vera at a cafe whilst we went exploring. We met a lady who told us that we just had to go see the old mosaics, which we promptly did.

  • Black redstart on the lawn
  • Dante
  • Mosaics from 400AD
  • Generous from Philippines

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