Cruise: Day 13 – Venice

Cruise: Day 13 – Venice

It was the end of the cruise but we still had a day to explore Venice. I have been there several times before but a long time ago so it was a trip down memory lane. We took a water taxi to our hotel, got settled in and then walked up to St Mark’s Square. The queue to enter the cathedral was extremely long so we went off to find somewhere for lunch. The others went back to the hotel but I walked around for a while and when I got back to the square the queue had dwindled to an acceptable length so I called Bo and got in line. It was worth the wait. We all went on a gondola tour which was an interesting experience but there are no photos as it was getting dark by then.

The next morning we took a water taxi to the airport where we parted company.

  • Goodbye Venice
  • Arriving at airport

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