Cruise: Day 2 – Naples

Cruise: Day 2 – Naples

Bo, Torolf and I went on a sight-seeing trip to Pompeii. Unfortunately, the guide was not very good and he kept losing people. It was also very commercial and we were left for half an hour in the shop before we even started. (I thought it was ‘exit through the gift-shop’.)

While we were walking round it started to bucket down with rain, though we eventually managed to find shelter. At least it wasn’t cold.

It is a wonderful place despite the problems with the guide.  I had been looking forward to Pompeii after reading Robert Harris’s book.

  • First breakfast, arriving in Naples
  • Naples
  • Just before the heavens opened
  • Taking cover in the women's bath house
  • Visiting the brothel
  • The bed doesn't look very inviting
  • Shelter from the rain
  • Leaving Naples

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