Frensham exploration

Frensham exploration

With Carol on Thursday 11 March 2021
Frensham Common and Ponds – Distance: 4.2 miles (6.8km)
This walk can easily be shortened or extended.

I had previously explored the area just behind the Great Pond Cafe and thought it might be a nice area to include in a walk. Carol and I were slowly extending the distance we walked from our initial three mile ambles towards the five miles or so that we used to do with the Guildford Ramblers. This one was another increase towards that distance.

We parked in the first car park at Frensham Little Pond. It was quite busy but we managed to find a space. The weather was really variable; it was windy, it rained, then the sun came out and then it rained again. Walking along the ridge was particularly cold.

It was so nice when the sun was out that we decided to walk round the inlet pond by the hotel. Then it started raining again so we didn’t linger. Returning to the road, we saw lots of lovely celandines.

I knew that the cafe at the Great Pond was now open and we were looking forward to our coffee stop there. The kiosk was quite busy with people getting coffee and lunch and many were using the tables despite the red tape round them. Carol and I found some wooden stands that were perfect for leaning against and they were partially under cover which came in handy when the rain started again.

Just before we came back to the carpark, we came across a tree that had fallen across the path. Apparently, it had come down during the storm the night before. It looked so rotten that it was surprising it hadn’t fallen down before.

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