Hambledon recce

Hambledon recce

With Carol on Wednesday 3 March 2021.
Sweetwater Pond to Hambledon – Distance: 3.1 miles (4.9km)

I have done variations of this walk many times and have found a route that would be suitable for a U3A amble.

We had intended to park by the village shop but the road was blocked so we parked by Sweetwater Pond instead. We actually walked my planned U3A amble in reverse which was probably a steeper climb than when walked in the usual direction.

We had coffee at the village shop and Carol bought some reduced priced biscuits as well. We were not allowed to sit at the tables near the shop because of the anti-virus restrictions but there were some logs and a bench by the pond that became vacant.

We walked onto Hambledon Common and took in the view, which wasn’t very good as it was now rather overcast.

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