Hankley and Thursley

Hankley and Thursley

This route was recorded on Tuesday 5 May 2020
Distance: 5.1miles (8.2km) — OS Route Map

This walk from Elstead starts at the little green near St James Church and there is parking available along Thursley Road. To begin with, there is some road walking down Westbrook Hill but this is a very quiet lane and it soon leads onto Hankley Common. Beside this road there is an old gateway that has been fenced off. I have yet to discover where it went or why it is now closed. After a small parking area the road becomes a dirt track which goes through some woodland and then out onto the heath at Hankley. 

From there, I followed the main path round below Yagden Hill, though it doesn’t look like much of a hill from this side. I took the track leading into Woolford’s Lane, this track can be very muddy.

Along Woolford’s Lane I took the first track off towards the Moat. Half way along there are the remains of another gate across the path. From the Moat, I followed the path onto the boardwalks and down towards and around Pudmore Pond. The last section of the walk is through fields before coming back into Elstead.

There are many options to extend this walk both on the Hankley and Thursley side. For example, on Hankley you can go over Yagden Hill, which is a good viewpoint. On the Thursley side, you can continue to walk up to Forked Pond.

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