Hankley Common, South

Hankley Common, South

This route was recorded on 12 February 2020 during a recce for the February U3A Amble.
Distance: 4 miles (6.5 km) — OS Route Map

The route shows one of the recces for the last walk I was able to make with my Ambling group prior to the lockdown. We had previously explored other parts of Hankley Common as this area has a lot of opportunities for different walks.  The route includes the Atlantic Wall which was a replica of a section of Hitler’s coastal defences in Normandy and was built by Canadian troops in 1943 for assault training.

I decided to shorten the walk for my U3A Ambling group to make it less than four miles by missing out the Atlantic Wall section as we had been there on a previous walk. Here is a link to that shorter route on OS Maps.

The walk takes you through woodland and across heath land and the terrain is undulating with a few hills that allow some great views. The paths are usually dry but, with all the rain this winter, there were some rather large puddles that we had to walk around when we did the amble.

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