This is me

This is me

As you get older you start to forget when certain events happened or sometimes even that they happened at all. This is my attempt at creating a timeline of major events in my life. I have tried to arrange them by decade and in the order they happened and have included some major historical events for background.

1950s — Oslo, Norway

I was born in Oslo at the start of this decade. We lived in an apartment off Bygdøy Allè before moving to the suburbs where I started school at the age of seven. I have rather mixed memories of this time.

Around the world

The Korean War ended in 1953, in the same year that Stalin died. In 1956 there was the Suez crisis and the start of the Hungarian uprising. The EEC was founded and Sputnik was launched in 1957. The Cuban revolution was in 1959.

1960s — Gjøvik, Norway

This was a difficult period in my life. I came to live permanently with my aunt and uncle when my mother died. My father died three years later.

It wasn’t all bad. I had some lovely traveling, both within Norway and down to Italy. On one trip to Italy, my friend Vigdis also came along.

In 1969, I went on a Youth Camp in Romania with my friend Kirsti and we watched the moon landing from the student union in Bucharest. In August I went to the Gudbrandsdalen Folkehøgskole in Hundorp. Quite a year.

The swinging sixties

This was the decade of the Vietnam War, the Berlin wall, the Cuban Missile crisis and the assassination of President Kennedy. In the USA, there were civil rights marches and desegregation. In China there was the Cultural Revolution and in the Middle East there was the Six-Day War. This was also the decade of student rioting, the first moon landing and music was changed forever by the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.

The 1970s — Guildford, England

I arrived in Newcastle by boat from Oslo and then continued by train to London where I was picked up and taken to Barnet Hill Red Cross House in Blackheath were I joined my cousin Bo for work.

  • Met and married Pete
  • Travelled round Europe
  • Naima was born
  • Moved into a Council House in Northway in Guildford
  • Started SRN training but did not complete it
  • Ingrid was born
  • Bought a house in George Road in Guildford
  • Was active in Women’s Aid
  • Divorced
  • Started A-levels
  • Met Norman

Protests, massacres and coups

The seventies were the decade of the murder of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics and students at Kent State University, the Watergate scandal and the end of the Vietnam War. Pinochet, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin, Pol Pot came to power and Franco and Mao died.

It also saw the start of women’s rights, gay rights and environmental movements, and the death of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison.

1980s — UK and Norway

I started at Surrey University where I met Amanda and Carol. Norman became my lodger and helped with the children.

  • Bought my first computer: a BBC Micro
  • Joined the local Amnesty International group where I met David.
  • Graduated and then completed an MSc in Toxicology
  • Started work at AVRI in Pirbright
  • David, the girls and I moved to Norway
  • Visited the USA and drove to Canada
  • Completed teacher training but never taught
  • Journeyed to the north of Norway.
  • David and I were married
  • Naima was married in Morocco

Greed was good

The 1880s were the decade of the AIDS epidemic and it ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War. It was the time of ‘Greed is good’ and the start of personal computers and mobile phones.

1990s — Japan and back to the UK

David and I moved to Japan for David to do an MBA at IUJ in Urasa. Ingrid briefly attended an international school in Kobe but then joined us in Urasa for the rest of the year. She then returned to join Naima in Norway. David’s father died and we moved back to the UK where the girls joined us from Norway. We lived with Norman at the Nursery in West Clandon before moving to Littlebrook in Peperharrow Road in Godalming. The girls started A-levels at Guildford Tech and David and I started new jobs.

  • David nearly died and needed intensive care in hospital in Guildford
  • The hammock year
  • We got a dog
  • The girls started University
  • Started but did not finish an MSc in Computing
  • Ingrid married and Xander was born in 1998
  • We started Khodes
  • Visited Amanda in Japan in 1998
  • David started EquatorNet with Bill
  • Naima married Les
  • Sold EquatorNet to Travelstore for shares
  • Saw the Solar Eclipse in Romania in 1999

Peace, prosperity and the Internet

This was a decade of relative peace and prosperity. The Cold War was over, Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa the Good Friday Agreement ended the conflict in Northern Ireland. The rise of the Internet ushered in a radical new era of communication, business and entertainment

2000s — Belgium and back to the UK

We sold Littlebrook and moved to Belgium. As the Internet bubble burst and our shares became worthless, we moved back to the UK where David started SiteConfidence with Bill. We bought a house and hired the builder from hell to refurbish it. It ended in a lawsuit, police involvement and the death of David in 2001. Riven, Tai, Max and Luke were born.

  • 2002 – Moved to Chilworth
  • 2004 – Moved to Ifold with Ingrid and her family
  • Ingrid and Tony separated and Tony moved out
  • 2008 Sale of SiteConfidence
  • 2008 Visited Morocco with Carol: the first adventure holiday
  • 2008 Moved to Guildford in September
  • 2009 Visited Cayman and Cuba in January
  • 2009 Moved to Elstead in April

The Rise of Terrorism

The start of the decade saw the twin towers destroyed in New York and renewed fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

2010s — Living in Elstead

Phil, Michael and I started UserReplay. The company moved to the Reading area. I reduced my working hours and I became involved with the U3A and the RSPB. I started taking wildlife holidays.

  • 2011 Bo, Tone & Vera turned up for my birthday
  • 2011 Went to Canada with Carol and John
  • 2012 Went on a Mediterranean cruise with my Norwegian family
  • 2013 Went to China with Naima, Ingrid and their boys
  • 2014 Ingrid, Riven and Tai moved in
  • 2015 Went to Costa Rica with Carol (Heatherlea)
  • 2016 Retired
  • 2017 Went to Yellowstone with Carol and the Grabers (Speyside)
  • 2018 Went to Norway and Finland with the Grabers
  • 2019 Went to Trinidad and Tobago with Carol and the Grabers
  • 2019 Xander moved in

Climate Change and Recession

The global financial crisis led to recession and austerity. Osama Bin Laden was killed and Arab Spring protests spread across the middle-east and North Africa. Japan suffered a massive earthquake and tsunami which led to the Fukushima nuclear disaster. There were floods, hurricanes and oil spills. We saw the rise of the iPad, the start of streaming and Facebook

2020s — Lockdown

The decade started with my first big nature holiday on my own: in March 2020 I set off to Bhutan. A few days later the pandemic started. The holiday was not affected until we were on our way home.